Support and care for our planet and those who live in it


Atlantis Submarines has built a career out of sharing the intrigue and mystery of the ocean with people from around the world. Every day we set out to explore, discover and admire the natural environment around us. We believe everyone deserves a miraculous life filled with wonder and adventure, but we also understand that this is not the reality of the world. For this reason, we do what we can to support and care for our planet and those who live in it.


Atlantis Submarines has also partnered with : El Parque Marino Arrecifes de Cozumel & Federal and local authorities in educational programs focused on educating and generate a consciousness about our impact on marine life.


We also like to support the incredible abilities of the human body by helping to secure and supervise the water portion of Cozumel’s International Iron Man competition. We offer assistance and guidance by marking the turns in the course for swimmers and maintaining a vigilant eye on the contestants from aboard both of our support vessels.


We are proud to be involved with an amazing group, Mi Ultimo Deseo, A.C., MUDAC, My Ultimate Desire. This organization strives to make the dreams and wishes come true for children and teenagers who are fighting cancer. We are part of their team, Angeles Viajeros, Travelling Angels. By connecting with this organization, we are able to take groups of children and adults down into the depths of the ocean to marvel at the beauty of the deep. For some, this is their first time to even see the water, and for others, it may be their last.