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Take it a ride around Cozumel abord a submarine and a jeep

Quick Details

  • This experience is a great way to know and go around Cozumel Island, with friends or family.
  • Venture in Mexico’s only submarine designed for tourism, the Atlantis XII, and dive to a depth of up to 100 feet, at least, to discover the spectacular natural scenery of the Chankanaab Reef.
Kids (4-12)Minimum Age 4 yrs & Height Required: 3 Feet Tall(No infants allowed)


This unique experience begins with a scenic tour along the Cozumel coast, onboard our vessel Ana that will take our guests to the Submarine Atlantis XII, and then dive to a depth up, at least, to 100 feet.

This adventure will show you a spectacular natural scenery of the Chankanaab reef, which is part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System, one of the largest living structures on the planet, and which is home of fish, lobsters, rays, sharks, and turtles, which can be admired depending on it’s from the season. It will also take you to the famous Cozumel’s Wall, is vertical drop of 2000 feet which delimits the island.

The submarine route explores the biggest dive wreck in the area, the Felipe Xicotencatl, a 154 feet long ship that served to the Mexican Navy and later sank to enhace the life of this Protected Natural Area and preserve it for future generations. Since the 2000 year, it has been home of mainly fish, sponges, and soft corals. An experienced crew will relate to you an interesting narration of the area and its diversity of underwater life, providing relevant information during your tour.

The submarine Atlantis XII is the only one of its kind in México; it is powered by batteries, which helps minimize its ecological footprint, and its passenger cabin is air-conditioned and maintains the same pressure as atmospheric at the surface.

At the end of the submarine expedition, your comfortable Jeep with air conditioning will be waiting to start the tour; Playa Tortugas will be our first stop, where we will board a boat to go the reef where we will do a snorkeling tour. Back on the beach, a delicious Mexican lunch will be waiting for to recharge your batteries.

Later, you will travel the quiet roads of the island so you can enjoy beautiful places such as San Martín beach, El Mirador and Hacienda Ixtlan, to have a tequila tasting.

This experience includes:

  • Submarine Expedition tour.
  • Jeep 4×4 (the person driving must have a valid driver’s license).
  • Snorkel on a reef.
  • 1 dish and 1 drink at Playa Tortugas. Vegetable option are available.
  • Tasting of tequila.


This experience does not include:

  • Souvenirs, additional food or drinks not mentioned, special drinks, services with additional cost at the beach club.
  • Photos or lockers at Atlantis Submarines.
  • Marine Park fee $ 5 usd at Atlantis Submarines.



  • Atlantis Submarines: For safety, participants on this activity must be able to safely navigate backwards thru 12 steps ladder; handrails available.
  • Children are considered from 4 years old and  3 feet tall to 12 years old. Infants are not accepted at submarine for safety.
  • Pregnants, without previous complications, can carry out the submarine activity up to the 6th month of pregnancy.
  • Please let your guide know if you have a food allergy.
  • Legal age to drink alcohol in Mexico 18 years.



  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • Bring sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, camera, towel, and snorkeling gear.
  • Apply biodegradable sunscreen at least 40 minutes before soaking in the water.
  • Bring cash.
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