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Atlantis Submarines Cozumel

Come Experience the only Sub Tour in Mexico Today!

Tell your vacation story for years to come, after a tour with Atlantis Submarines. Join the meager 1% of the world’s population to travel more than 100 feet – over 30 meters – below the surface to discover the wonders of the deep.

Take the plunge in Mexico’s only submarine designed for tourists to explore the tropical life of the Caribbean. Mysteries, like the sunken ship Felipe Xicotencatl, and the 400-foot vertical drop affectionately known as The Wall, come alive as you peer into the depths through one of 26 portholes.

Go deeper. Choose your adventure.


Atlantis Submarine Expedition

I did this as a carnival excursion and enjoyed it all the way. they met us at the end of the pier and took us to another pier and got on a boat for a few miles to the south. We then boarded that Atlantis, it was cool in the sub and full of windows. I enjoyed seeing the fish, the corals and a big shipwreck under that bottom.

– Doug V., Pensacola, Florida
Atlantis Submarine
Atlantis Submarines Cozumel

We really enjoyed this unique experience. The staff was very organized and friendly. The only negative is that we can't control what sea life we will encounter and what side of the submarine it will show up on.

– vevangel., Phoenix, Arizona
Atlantis Submarine Expedition
Very cool! We went to 109 ft!

Did this excursion while on a NCL cruise. Beautiful weather and close to the ship. You take a shuttle from the pier to the Atlantis office. Then a boat takes you to the dive site. You get to see the Atlantis pop out of the water coming back from a dive. It isn’t as cramped in the submarine as I thought it would be. We gradually sunk to 109 feet. Still amazingly clear.

– Allgoodonesgone
Atlantis Submarine Expedition
Fun, Fun, Fun

What a one of a kind experience! Couldn’t pass this up and so glad we didn’t. The shipwreck was especially neat. Highly recommend.

– Jennakrusich
Caribbean Submarine Tours
Different and fun!

The sub is nice and cool with air con vents you can adjust to blow on you if you want. As our sub was not full, it didn't feel crowded and we could spread out a bit. Our guide (I believe his name was Roman) was extremely funny and pointed out specific fish swimming by. We also passed a sunken ship and three scuba divers. It was very exciting to get to 111 feet!

– Tofurry
Cozumel Submarine Adventure
Amazing experience!

We had an amazing time on the submarine. Alejandro was very entertaining and friendly on the 15 minute boat ride to the submarine. Very quick process getting everyone safely from the boat to the submarine. Enrique was our underwater tour guide. We thought he was great!!! He talked to us about the fish we could see throughout the journey and was very knowledgable and humorous.

– Lucy J.
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Atlantis Submarines wants to share the experience of a lifetime while guaranteeing your safety and our commitment to ocean health. We strive to go above and beyond every standard and certificate available for underwater exploration.

We take great pride in the Atlantis XII and have outfitted her with top-of-the-line battery-powered engines to minimize our eco-footprint. Now we can share the magical world hidden under the blue waters while preserving its beauty for generations to come!