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Submarine Expedition

Adult: $105 usd
Child: $65 usd (Minimun height 36”)

Departures: 10:00, 12:00, 13:00

Notes: Explorers on this activity must be able to safely navigate backwards thru 7 steps ladder; hand rails available.

Submarine Expedition

The Submarine Atlantis XII is the only tourism submersible in Mexico. Come visit our family friendly, state-of-Art vessel and marvel with the depths of the Caribbean as a myriad of marine creatures appear through large viewports. Coral reefs are the playground for thousands of fish, lobsters, rays, sharks and turtles that you can admire, depending on season. This ride will take you to a breath-taking scenario at the famous Cozumel Wall, an 1800 feet drop off that limits the Island of Cozumel.

The newest Submarine Route explores the biggest dive wreck in the area, Felipe Xicotencatl, a 154 feet ship sank in 2000 for the purpose to enhance marine life in Cozumel coral reefs. Formerly it was a minesweeper for the Us Navy, and sold to Mexican Navy in 1962 for rescue and patrolling missions. Shipwreck lies from 55 to 80 feet depth and homes fish, sponges, and soft corals, mainly.

Our submarine is battery powered, air conditioned, and free of any pressure issues. The expert crew enhances your Unique Underwater Adventure with a life narration.

All too soon Submarine Pilot will surface the submarine and tender Ana will bring Explorers back to pier while enjoying complementary rum punch.

Ha- Kaab (water & land)

Adult: $144 usd
Child: $125 usd 

Departure: 13:00

Ha- Kaab (water & land)

Enjoy the BEST of Cozumel. Submerge in the pristine waters of the 2nd largest coral barrier reef On board the Atlantis Submarines. Marvel with the variety of Sea-life, with amazing views of sunken ships, while navigate to 100ft deep in a comfortable ambience.

At the end of your submarine Expedition, adventure continues in a Resort to snorkel and enjoying of a buffet and non alcoholic  beverages. After that a Buggy will be waiting for you to ride around the Island and enjoy of Island while stop in the most representative and historical places.